Oct 29, 2016 12:20 PM

Cannabis.Net Has Released a Must-See Massachusetts Anti-Marijuana Parody Video

Cannabis.net is one of the largest and most reliable online websites that carries the news about marijuana legalization and information concerning pot use. It has recently presented a parody video of the Massachusetts “Vote No On 4” video that was released a week ago. The parody video, which was later shared by some big online outlets, was so weird and unusual in its filming the information it conveyed, that it went rival for all the wrong reasons. The number of views on the parody video is increasing rapidly as more and more websites find it and promote it as a must-see “laugh out loud” video and a new level of madness.

Both the original and the parody videos can be found right here:

Massachusetts is the state with a rich history and strong-willed residents. The CEO of the Cannabis.net website, Curt Dalton, claims that the video is nothing but reefer madness, as it was called in the late 1930’s. He also adds that the parody video itself creates the wrong perception of marijuana dispensaries, signage, age limitation, and so on. Dalton is sure that the filmmakers are the people who have never seen a marijuana dispensary, let alone set foot in one.

Question 4 on the Massachusetts ballot deals with the legalization of recreational marijuana use, as the residents of the state are already allowed to use marijuana for medical needs. This year, the ballot is centered around the use of recreational weed for adults over 21, weed edibles, and marijuana delivery services. Dalton says that the Massachusetts weed bill is quite progressive compared to come other U.S. states, for instance, Vermont. There is also hope that Americans will be able to see a significant shift in the federal policy in the coming year. The evidence for that is that apart from California, four other states of America (Maine, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Arizona) are voting on the legalization of recreational marijuana this November.

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