Jun 21, 2017 12:50 PM

Cannabis Industry Volunteers Clean Up California Beach on Memorial Day

Volunteers from the legal cannabis industry have recently collected around 420 pounds of garbage at BudTrader.com beach cleanup in California.

On Memorial Day, 150 legal marijuana professionals dedicated their time to cleaning up a local beach at a special community event initiated by BudTrader.com, an online medical cannabis marketplace.

The event lasted four hours. During that time, the volunteers cleaned up about 400-500 pounds of trash from the local beaches of Encinitas in San Diego County. The atmosphere at the event was incredibly warm and friendly; it brought together hundreds of volunteers from the community, as well as people from Orange Country and Los Angeles.

According to Brad McLaughlin, CEO of BudTrader.com, the company has always been about “going green.” Moreover, its main campus is situated right by the beach, and many employees love to spend time there.

Babe Solmayra, a famous model and fitness expert, also took part in the event. She believes that it is an absolutely awesome way to spend Memorial Day weekend and is glad to have helped the environment by making San Diego a little cleaner.

Furthermore, BudTrader.com also advocates for safe access to medical cannabis across the country.

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