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Cannabis Atmosphere for Stephen King Novels

Each book is unique and requires its own strain of cannabis. Let us look at the strains that can make Stephen King's novels even more enjoyable.


Carrie is one of the most adapted novels that the author has written. The story shows us a young girl who is constantly bullied at school. Later in the story, Carrie discovers that she has special telekinetic skills. The girl who has suffered through her high school life decides to exact revenge on the sadistic classmates. Stephen King himself claims that the book is raw and has the power to horrify.

Reading this story, you have to use a strain that gives you the same determination that Carrie has in her actions. Jack Herer is the strain for you. This sativa-dominant strain could have made Carrie more energetic if she had the opportunity to try it.

Jack Herer Strain Review
Jack Herer Strain Review
Today's star of our review is the Jack Herer strain. This sativa-dominant strain is as famous as its namesake—a person who wrote The Emperor Wears No Clothes and is an avid cannabis activist.

The Shining

The Shining was published in 1977, but the book still captivates millions of fans. This story gives you the most thrills even in comparison with other scary tales of the author. The Overlook Hotel has its secrets that require great courage to deal with. We recommend you to use the Strawberry Cough strain when reading this novel. This strain can make you active and give you the necessary courage to continue reading. The Shining is such an interesting book that you will have no time for the strains that make you sleepy.

Strawberry Cough Strain Review
Strawberry Cough Strain Review
There are many powerful sativa-dominant strains in the market. However, if you are looking for something tasty and strong, you should consider trying Strawberry Cough—a world-famous strain with mysterious origins.


Every one of us has some kind of phobias, and we all have to overcome them. That is why Stephen King's It is one of the most famous horror novels. The supernatural being that exploits the fears of its prey is a universal enemy that has its own approach to all of us.

Reading this novel, you might face your own fear on the pages. However, cannabis may help you deal with your phobias and give you the courage to continue reading the book. Choosing a strain for this book, one should pay attention to those herbs that do not cause anxiety and panic attacks. Such strains as Pennywise and Northern Lights will provide you with a slow, mellow high, relax you, and keep your head clear from fear.

Northern Lights Strain Review
Northern Lights Strain Review
Northern Lights strain is not just popular, you can call it legendary. It is one of the highest-yielding and most potent indica-dominant strains. You can find it at almost every dispensary, and if you are not a newbie to marijuana consumption, you have probably already tried it.


Stephen King has an amazing gift to take the most incredible ideas and turn them into something very real and scary. That is true about his novel Insomnia. The novel shows us the man who is not a usual hero who saves the town from creepy things. Ralph Roberts begins to see things that nobody else can. Faced with this strange gift that is actually a curse, he finds out what real fear is.

If you decide to read this story, you may develop insomnia yourself. To help you get your beauty sleep back, try smoking heavy indica strains that make you sleepy, such as Zombie OG. The strain specializes in treating pain and insomnia.

Forget About Insomnia With Zombie OG
Forget About Insomnia With Zombie OG
Are you tired of your overactive mind that does not let you sleep at night? Do you feel chronic muscle tension that chases away your drowsiness? Zombie OG strain can bring back your sound sleep and cheerful mornings filled with high spirits and fresh thoughts.


Rage shows us a terrible incident of a school shooting. The fact that the novel might lead to similar occurrences in real life caused the end of the publication of this book. The story of Rage is somewhat similar to Carrie containing high school bullies and explosive teens. The title mirrors the mental condition of the main hero—a teenager named Charlie. During the hours described in the book, we see how rage envelopes Charlie and makes him do despicable things.

The strain that can calm your nerves is a good match for this book. Granddaddy Purple can set you into a peaceful mindset and keep your mind focused in uncomfortable social situations.

There are many books by this author that deserve your attention, and all of them will be a good match for pot. The next time you decide to smoke alone, take a book and enjoy your smoking session.

Grand Daddy Purp Strain Review
Grand Daddy Purp Strain Review
Undoubtedly, Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) is the strain every weed connoisseur should try at least once. This purple-colored cannabis has an impressive appearance, while its strong indica properties make it one of the most favorite strains among seasoned users.
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