May 25, 2018 2:42 PM

Buds and Beats: With Cannabis, Brittany Greer DJs and Avoids Alcohol

Trail Blazers is a series of portraits by photographer Maria Levitov, spotlighting cannabis consumers from all walks of life.

Brittany Greer developed a drinking problem while growing up in a small town in Texas, struggling to find herself until moving to Austin and using cannabis to embrace her creative side. Greer, 28, now lives in Denver, where her access to the plant helps her avoid alcohol while being a yoga instructor by day — and DJ HoneyPocket by night.

Buds and Beats: With Cannabis, Brittany Greer DJs and Avoids AlcoholEXPANDMaria Levitov

"I grew up in small town in west Texas. I remember smoking with my homies while listening to music and having rap battles. Somehow or another, music was always involved in our sessions. I moved to Austin when I was 21 years old after having a huge drinking problem in Midland, Texas. If you've ever been to Austin, you know that's a 'safe spot' in Texas as far as being a weirdo and/or cannabis user. Switching from consuming large amounts of alcohol to regular cannabis use changed my life. It helped take the edge off, offer a fresh perspective on whatever situation or topic was being discussed, and it allowed me to become fully immersed in whatever music I was listening to."

Buds and Beats: With Cannabis, Brittany Greer DJs and Avoids AlcoholEXPANDMaria Levitov



"It was in Austin that I started learning to DJ. At first, I was so nervous and frustrated at my lack of skill, but with time and several joints later, I was feeling more relaxed and confident in my ability to be the sound selector. I began playing out in public for yoga classes, fitness events, silent discos and opening shows for other producers. I truly felt in the flow of where my passion for music was leading me. Fast-forward a few years, and I am now living in Denver. I'm surrounded by the cannabis industry and have multiple friends working with the plants from warehouses to home grows, CBD companies and extraction experts. I'm constantly learning new things about the medicine, its uses and the varieties."

Buds and Beats: With Cannabis, Brittany Greer DJs and Avoids AlcoholEXPANDMaria Levitov

"It's so rad to go into a dispensary and leave with edibles, concentrates, salves and flowers. My creativity is soaring, I feel like I'm thriving in this environment, and I'm still in love with music and deejaying. To come from a place where it was such a taboo, transition through a town (Austin) that was more accepting of cannabis and the culture surrounding it, and to now finally live in a legal state has been a really amazing process. I love the way it opens my mind and allows me to take in the beauty of life all around me. From music and art to movement and nutrition, holistic health and living have never felt more symbiotic with any other substance. I'm glad to be able to use cannabis freely, without consequence — and I'm equally happy to not be over-indulging in alcohol anymore."

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