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Brad Pitt’s Battle With Marijuana: a History

Last week, almost all media in the world wrote about shocking news—Brangelina, the couple that seemed to be the most beautiful and family-oriented, decided to end their marriage. According to Jolie's attorney Robert Offer, the actress filed for a divorce "for the health of the family." However, many people seem to think that the real reason for the divorce is Pitt's problematic relationship with weed.

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The couple has been together since 2004. However, they got married only ten years later, in August 2014. Then, it looked like something logical in their relationship, and nobody could ever suspect that the marriage would last only two years. However, rumors say there was no alleged “third person,” and the reason why Jolie decided to make a full stop was that Pitt had created an inappropriate environment for their children.

Cannabis Secrets of Famous Historical Figures
Cannabis Secrets of Famous Historical Figures
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Some sources say Pitt has problems with weed and possibly alcohol consumption, and those problems are not new. If these rumors are true, that would explain why Jolie decided not to help him fight against the addiction: if we look at the history of Pitt's relationship with weed, it becomes obvious that the problem will not go anywhere unless the actor decides to solve it by himself.

September 1993

Pitt is famous for taking his role seriously, whether he is filming in a drama or an adventure movie. In True Romance, which was released on Sept. 10, 1993, we see Pitt as a stoner Floyd, a roommate of Dick Ritchie played by Michael Rapaport. Pitt was quite convincing playing a guy who cannot live without weed, which makes us think he really knew what it felt like to be baked. Plus, this was the first time when marijuana was associated with Pitt.

August 2009

Everyone remembers Pitt's charismatic character in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Bastards. However, the story about how Pitt signed up for this role is also interesting for us. During Jimmy Kimmel Live, Quentin Tarantino told the story about his visit to Pitt's house in France. There, they discussed the details of the contract. The discussion probably would not have been so productive if the two had not use some herbal refreshments. As the director recalls, they had a “smoking apparatus” on the table, and their experience of drinking wine and smoking herb was so intense that the next morning became really tough for the actor. No one knows how much they smoked, but Tarantino remembers there were a least six bottles of wine. However, later, Tarantino assured the journalists that Pitt had always been sober on the movie set and never smoked weed.

August 2009

A bit later the same month, Pitt appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher, where he had to reply to the questions that were obviously too confusing for the actor. The host reminisced about the Floyd character from the True Romance movie, saying that it was the most convincing portrayal of a stoner he had ever seen. He also remembered an old party they both went to where Pitt was rolling joints the whole time. “The most perfect joint I have ever seen. Like a machine,” said Maher. However, Pitt claimed it was all in the past. "I'm a dad now. You want to be alert."

September 2011

In an interview for the Parade magazine, the actor confessed that having bad times in his life made him feel pathetic. “I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch,” described Pitt time in '90ies, “holding a joint, hiding out.” Apparently, smoking marijuana non-stop was his way to “solve the problems”—at that time, personal life of the actor was falling apart at the seams.

January 2012

In an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Pitt confessed that during his depression he used “way too much dope.” Not that it was news by that time, but that was the first time when he admitted the problem directly. However, Pitt hurried to assure the journalists that his addition was over. "I just quit," he told the interviewer. "I stopped grass then—I mean, pretty much—and decided to get off the couch." The meaning behind that “pretty much,” however, remains a mystery.

October 2012

“I’m Brad Pitt, and I’m a drug addict,” said the actor during a live screening of Jarecki's The House We Live In. But then he clarified, “No, my drug days have long since passed.”

December 2012

Just a bit less than a year later, Pitt joined the statement in praise of President Obama’s decision not to contest referenda of marijuana legislation in Colorado and Washington. “The President’s statement reflects a saner and more sensible drug policy,” read the statement. Pitt and other supporters thought it was a “step away from the decades-long failed war on drugs.”

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May 2013

Pitt's friend Andrew Dominik described the actor's house as “a piece of art,” adding that “as soon as you walk through the door, you feel stoned.” We believe, however, it was more about coziness than weed, as in the same Esquire story, Pitt stated that by that time he had been absolutely clean from any drugs. Remembering the 90ies, he said, “For a long time, I thought I did too much damage — drug damage.” However, he assured that after the millennium, he made all possible efforts to become clean. “"It was an epiphany — a decision not to squander my opportunities. It was a feeling of get up.”

September 2016

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from her husband. Some sources say she was too angry because of Pitt's addiction to weed and alcohol, which she considered absolutely inappropriate for a family man and unsafe for their children. According to Jolie's lawyer, the decision was made only “for the health of the family.”

During all those years, Pitt was quite honest about his weed and alcohol consumption, confirming his problems in the nineties, especially during his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. However, it is still unclear what the situation is now, when Pitt is 52 and has six children. Is his addiction causing problems again? "He is a loving and devoted father who has never and would never put his children in any dangerous situation," insists one of actor's close friends.

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