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Best Weed Movies of All Time

Today, stoner movies is a separate subgenre in cinematography. The image of cannabis culture differs from movie to movie—sometimes stoners are represented in a positive way, sometimes they are shown comically. Either way, many movies that revolve around people smoking weed are funny and professionally made. If you are looking for a comedy to watch while smoking marijuana with your friends, there are plenty of variants to choose from.

Reefer Madness

Reefer Madness may be the first movie to not only picture the use of marijuana but to be also completely dedicated to this topic. The movie tells us a story of innocent teenagers, marijuana dealers, crazy parties with jazz music, and, of course, reefers—weed cigarettes. Though the movie's depiction of the cannabis community may be highly exaggerated and shown only from a stereotypical perspective, Reefer Madness is a movie that every cannabis enthusiast should watch.

How High

Do you think you love weed as much as the main heroes of the movie How High do? If you have already prepared a bowl of your favorite marijuana, bought popcorn for the high munchies, and are looking for a funny movie to watch, choose How High. It is a movie where academics and weed are combined in 90 minutes of fun. Watch as two smokers Silas and Jamal enter Harvard thanks to their magical batch.

Pineapple Express

Lazy weed dealer Saul Silver has the easiest job on Earth—he smokes weed all day. His regular customer Dale Denton enjoys his life as well. Until one day, one smoke ruins their steady rhythm. Now, they have to run for their lives. Silver's super rare weed strain Pineapple Express can lead dangerous criminals to their doors. This stoner comedy may become a classic someday. Right now, it is a great way to spend your evening while enjoying a couch-locking strain.

Half Baked

They are not dealers, they are fundraisers. This stoner comedy tells us the story of four friends who share a common hobby—smoking weed. When one of them gets into jail, Jenkins, Brian, and Scarface will do everything possible to get their friend out of there. It is a movie, where the main characters smoke everywhere and at all times. Alongside the famous comedy actors, the movie stars Snoop Dogg as a scavenger smoker.

Harold & Kumar

Harold & Kumar is not just a stoner movie that you can watch once and forget about. It is a series of stoners' classics. Harold & Kumar is a trilogy that shows the story of two Asian-American stoners whose adventures begin with smoking weed. Harold and Kumar are the names of the main series' characters. Despite the ongoing debates about the quality of the movie, the series has been a financial success. Harold and Kumar are among those few fictional characters that will always be associated with marijuana.

High School

The students in High School say that weed is like freedom. But the school's principal does not support the idea and decides to run an unexpected drug test. And what are the students with THC in their systems to do in this case? They decide to bake special brownies so that the whole school fails the test. Can you imagine what happens when everybody at school is high? A lot of crazy and funny things are waiting for you in this movie.


Have you ever wondered what secrets your neighbors hide? Maybe, some of them are already high on weed but just keeping a low-profile? This TV comedy series tells us the story of a suburban mother who enters the marijuana business in her neighborhood and finds that her friends have many secrets. Of course, this is not a just hilarious movie for one evening on the couch with a bowl of weed—Weeds will take a lot of your free time, but the series is worth it.

Cheech & Chong

Cheech and Chong are two icons of the cannabis culture. This duo is famous for their hippie movies and stand-up routine. Their love for cannabis is inspiring. The duo starred in more than nine movies that were recognized as the most iconic stoner comedies including Up in Smoke, Cheech&Chong's Next Move, Nice Dreams, Cheech&Chong's Animated Movie, and many others.

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