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Best Ways to Deal With Munchies

Everybody who has consumed cannabis at least once knows about the ever-present side effect of the plant—munchies. Getting the munchies can be viewed both as beneficial and negative. If you are among those people who dislike this feeling of hunger, who should know how to get rid of it.

Weed and Munchies

Cannabis is known to interfere with the signals of our brains. Constantly feeling hungry instead of full is one of those signals that is being muddled with. Considering this fact, some people have to give up weed to keep in shape. While it seems like a minor side effect (and even a benefit for some of us), a constant worry about post-toke hunger may ruin your experience. Besides, if you decide to puff before bed, a few bags of nachos can lead to such problems as indigestion and interrupted sleep. Of course, there are some strains that will perfectly suit people on a diet, but you cannot stick to only a few types of flowers all the time.

Diet Cannabis Strains Keep You in Shape
Diet Cannabis Strains Keep You in Shape
It is not a secret that many marijuana strains cause the munchies. Some people do not consider this effect troublesome. However, some of us may be worried about our shape. If you are afraid that you cannot smoke marijuana without gaining a few pounds, you have stumbled upon the right article.

Stick to Schedule

If you do not have a daily meal schedule, you probably eat late in the evening anyway. Add a little bit of marijuana to your habit, and you get uncontrollable hunger. However, if you set up a regime to keep yourself satisfied between meals, you will not be as hungry after an evening smoke.

Also, if you consume weed edibles, include them as a dessert after your main meal or even use cannabis oils to prepare a healthier dish.

Get Rid of Food

Sometimes, when you know that munchies are inevitable and you have no willpower to fight them, it is easier to just throw away all junk food that you have at home. In this case, if you cannot suffer any longer, you will eat something healthy and nutritious.

In addition, get rid of the number of your local pizza guy and other delivery companies. Make everything possible to prevent your future-self from making the same mistake again and again.

Healthy Is Your Way Out

As it has been said before, if you do not want to eat junk food, you can always shush the munchies with healthy food. There are many recipes for useful snacks that you can prepare in advance and enjoy without worrying about extra calories. You will be surprised by how many healthy dishes are actually delicious.

Keep Yourself Busy

If your brain starts thinking about food, you get stuck on the idea, and your hands reach for the snacks on their own. Keep yourself busy, and you will forget about food. Activity is a great option. Physical exercises distract both your mind and body from unnecessary thoughts. Besides, it is a great way to keep in shape even after eating a few snacks.

Improve Quality of Your Workout With Cannabis
Improve Quality of Your Workout With Cannabis
Marijuana can help you relieve pain, decrease your anxiety, and even eliminate some symptoms of a range of serious diseases. But is it true that weed can also make you better in sports and fitness?

Another active option is playing video games. While the occupation may seem a little passive, your mind is actually so busy concentrating on a game that you completely forget about food. Besides, your hands are also occupied with a gamepad, so there is no place for food.

Stoners Like It: Best Video Games to Pair With Marijuana
Stoners Like It: Best Video Games to Pair With Marijuana
Next time you decide to smoke weed and do not know what to do while you are stoned, try playing video games. There are a lot of titles to choose from, but not all of them are a good match for marijuana. Depending on the type of your high, you may like the next games.

Our last advice is the easiest but not the most enjoyable—simply change the strain you use. Some flowers are more inclined to give you munchies than the others. In case you are adamant on sticking with a plant that makes you super hungry, try the previous options.

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