Jul 7, 2016 9:25 AM

Best Summertime Activities That Go Great With Marijuana

Summer is the perfect time for swimming, hiking, relaxing outside, and taking the long-awaited vacation. If you are a cannabis smoker, then you have probably incorporated weed use into your daily routine. Just make sure you are obeying the local laws—even if you are lucky to live in the state with legalized marijuana, using it outdoors may not be allowed. So, be sure to toke, vape, or consume an edible before going outside. Below are some wonderful summer activities that can be combined with weed.

1. Relax with a Stoned Movie

One of the perfect ways to cool off during hot summer days is to catch a film in the cinema. If you take an edible or get stoned before, this experience can be much brighter. Even the worst films can be seen in a better light if you watch them stoned. Moreover, you are not going to break any rules, unlike those people who bring bottles of alcohol into the theater.

2. Read a Book Outside

The most affordable way to relax in summer is sunbathing while reading a book outside. Weed can easily make the story in your book come alive while you feel the pleasant warmth of the sun on your skin. Just make sure that you used UV protection and sunblock to avoid the harmful effects of sun exposure.

3. Look for a Cool Spring or an Outdoor Swim Spot

Nothing can be compared with relaxing in a pool in summer heat.Smoking a joint in the water can really set off the amazing feeling of being stoned and cooling off at the same time. However, be sure to take extra precautions if you decide to go swimming high. Do not swim in the deep parts of the water—instead, find a quiet place to sit.

4. Go on a Weed Quest

This is one of the brightest ideas for a company of friends. Someone should make a list of places, items, or people that a high company should find throughout the city. Having fun and smoking weed during your journey can make your long summer day full of real adventures and joy. Just take care of having a driver who is not using pot if your quest will involve driving.

5. Try New Flavors

Summer days are perfect for having a delicious treat— an old-fashioned soda, smoothie, ice cream, etc. Next time you have the munchies, try something new for a better and fuller experience. This can be a great way to treat yourself at the end of a long summer day.

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