Oct 1, 2016 9:25 AM

Becoming Budtender: How to Get the Job of Your Dream

Today, the position of budtender is becoming the dream job of many cannabis connoisseurs. People imagine that they will relax in a shop while smoking weed non-stop and advising the customers which product to choose. However, the reality differs from the prospect of an easy job that anybody can get.

You might think that the job requires no special skills. However, to become a budtender, you must know more than an average stoner. Of course, the job is amazing, but you cannot win the position on sheer passion for cannabis. If you have decided that budtender is the job you want to get, learn some extra information about the plant and do not miss any aspect, however small and insignificant it may seem.

Medical Benefits

If you think that being a budtender means selling weed only for recreational purposes, you are greatly mistaken about the job and the industry in general. Many people who come to head shops and dispensaries are interested in the medical benefits of the plant. There are many conditions and symptoms that can be treated with the help of cannabis. The list of the medical benefits of cannabis is extremely diverse, and you will have to know all of them to be able to advise people which strain to choose when they have a headache, insomnia, depression, or stress.

7 Effects of Marijuana on Human Health That Need to Be Studied
7 Effects of Marijuana on Human Health That Need to Be Studied
The decision of the DEA to leave cannabis listed as a Schedule I drug made lots of cannabis enthusiasts disappointed. However, the U.S. government made it significantly easier for researchers to conduct studies on cannabis and its compounds, as it allowed more marijuana manufacturers to grow weed for studies.

Recreational Use

Of course, the recreational value of cannabis is what leads thousands of people to the nearby head shop. If you plan to work as a budtender, you probably already know about most effects of marijuana and can consult the beginners. However, your knowledge has to be deep and full to satisfy even those who have already been using marijuana for some time.

First of all, you should know all differences between indica and sativa strains. Besides, you have to be able to recognize them on sight. You have to know the potency of each strain stored in the shop. In addition to potency, each strain has many other aspects that have to be studied—the exact percentages of cannabinoids, the terpenes that are contained in the plant, all contaminants, etc.

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid: What Is the Difference Between Types of Marijuana Strains?
Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid: What Is the Difference Between Types of Marijuana Strains?
Marijuana is one of the oldest crops known to mankind. Today, weed is no longer just weed—marijuana strains have developed like wine or cheese.


Edibles are very popular today. Your future workplace will most definitely sell some kind of edibles if not several of them. While they may seem like some harmless brownies that can be eaten one after another, they contain psychoactive compounds that should be dealt with care.

The knowledge of the rules of marijuana edibles dosing is obligatory. Edibles contain THC in different doses, so you should be able to tell the customers how many cookies or pieces of chocolate they can eat.

5 Rules of Happy Edibles User: Learn How to Maximize Your Enjoyment
5 Rules of Happy Edibles User: Learn How to Maximize Your Enjoyment
Although the usage of cannabis-infused edibles for medicinal and recreational purposes has been legalized in many states, there are still many patients who do not know all the rules of consuming them. Of course, it seems like there should not be any rules.

Marijuana Laws

Complying with marijuana laws of your state in the most important thing that the dispensaries and head shops have to do. If selling products in your shop violates the law, you may lose your job, and your dispensary may lose the license. Each state has different laws. Even the laws of those states that have already legalized weed differ when it comes to details. Learning the restrictions will not take a lot of time, but you will use the information every day of your career.

Legalization of Cannabis: A Guide to Marijuana Laws by State
Legalization of Cannabis: A Guide to Marijuana Laws by State
Cannabis legalization is gaining momentum across the U.S. The number of states where marijuana is legal continues to increase, yet the precise meaning of “legal” depends on your location. This article is our quick guide to state marijuana laws.

All in all, there are many things that a future budtender has to know when applying for the job. Some of the aspects will come to you while you are working, others have to be studied in the very beginning. If you know anyone who already works in the business, it will be helpful to ask them for advice as they know more than any stoner. In addition, they may share some insights that the Internet cannot help you with.

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