Sep 12, 2016 9:35 AM

Be Aware: Most Common Stoners' Pet Peeves

A pet peeve is something that irritates you, almost makes you mad. All of us have our own peeves that can be big or small but annoying nevertheless. However, there are some pet peeves that all stoners share. If you do not want to be the black sheep in the smoking circle, read about the things that can lead you to troubles.

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Marijuana Etiquette: Learning How to Smoke Pot
Marijuana Etiquette: Learning How to Smoke Pot
One may think that pot smoking is just a regular thing that has no rules and limits. If you think so, you are either a newbie or a lonely smoker. An experienced stoner knows that pot smoking has its traditions and etiquette. So, let us shed light on this matter.

Bad Joint Ashing

When smoking inside, you can often see nervous stoners who ask everybody to ash a joint or a bowl correctly. Especially if they own the place where you are smoking. This pet peeve mainly concerns that fact that if a joint is not ashed in time, huge nuggets fall to the floor or table thus damaging the property. It may seem funny to play the game whose ash will hold on longer, but you should respect the person who owns the place and smoke neatly.

Do not make a mess and tap the joint often. The cleaning of a bowl follows the same rule—ask the owner about his usual way of cleaning and do not show your messy side.


If you have never heard the word in your life or can remember only an evil boggart from Harry Potter, then you are lucky enough to avoid this kind of habit. You may say that people who like bogarting are also evil mischief makers. They hold a joint for too long or make too many hits. This kind of pet peeve is very widespread among stoners because many of them have this irritating habit.

Most often, people do not even suspect that they are bogarting. This is why it is rather hard for them to see the truth and stop this selfish habit.

Confusing Smoking Order

Wait for your turn! It is not that hard to follow the simple pattern of passing around a joint. Stoners all around the world know the simple rule “left is law.” This rule makes everyone share a smoke equally and keeps the things in order. Pass to the person who sits to the left. Breaking the right order is one of the worst things you can do in a group. Maybe people will not point out your mistake, but they will be irritated nevertheless.

Bringing Annoying Friends

Generally, there is no harm in bringing someone new to the party. However, you should carefully consider who to introduce into your smoking circle. Insolent and noisy people are often so irritating. It may not be easy to kick them out once they think that they are welcome to the party. In this case, it might be your friend who becomes a pet peeve. Besides, your pal may turn out to be a complete mooch, which is the next point on our list of the things that irritate stoners the most.

All in all, you should carefully think whether the person is good enough to join you and your friends.


Undoubtedly, this pet peeve is the most irritating of all. Nobody likes mooches. We have already mentioned that one of the ground rules of smoking in a circle is not to come empty-handed all the time. It is a simple etiquette, and if you do not know this simple fact, then you have much to learn about the cannabis community.

Every stoner in the world knows to return the favor. Today, you do not have weed, and your friends can help you. Tomorrow, you are bound to help the friend in need as well. The rule is relevant not only on the matter of marijuana. Being a good friend is supporting each other without any selfishness.

Have you noticed that mooches have no friends? It is because people find their behavior annoying—it is the king of all pet peeves.

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