Nov 6, 2016 12:15 PM

“Artists For 64” Spoke About Recreational Use of Pot

A huge number of celebrities are making efforts to promote Proposition 64, a recreational marijuana initiative in California. Among those stars, there are Common, Jay-Z, Russel Simmons, Danny Glover, Sarah Silverman, Ty Dolla $ign, and many others.

According to Danny Glover, in the state of California, the question of cannabis legalization for adult use is a policy change that will have a long-term impact on historically marginalized communities. He thinks marijuana laws have not been used in the right way; for law enforcement, it is a tool to racially profile, criminalize, and intimidate mostly young African American and Latino men.

The website promoting the notion was created with financial help from Drug Policy Action, an advocacy group that supports Proposition 64 and marijuana legalization.

Jay-Z slammed marijuana prohibition by calling it a real “epic fail” in a video released last week. The famous rapper has continued supporting the Proposition by joining “Artists For 64.” This team also includes the widely-known author Piper Kerman, actors Jesse Williams (starring in Grey’s Anatomy) and Michael K. Williams (the HBO series The Wire).

During his interview, Andrew Acosta, the spokesman for the marijuana opposition campaign, told Los Angeles Times that the “No on Proposition 64” campaign did a press event in Fresno with community and faith leaders who were convinced that the problems created by recreational marijuana use would impact these communities across the entire California not only Hollywood.

At the same time, former Golden State Warrior Al Harrington countered marijuana opposition with a video placed on the “Artists For 64” website, describing his faith and beliefs. He says that for now he is in recovery and does not use weed, and his Christian faith is his rock when it comes to being sober. However, he believes that the residents of California should not be arrested for marijuana use anymore and lead the whole country by the example of voting in favor of Proposition 64.

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