Mar 24, 2017 12:45 PM

Are Teens More Interested in Mobile Apps Than Marijuana?

The legalization of marijuana has not led to an increase of weed use among teenagers, and many are wondering why. Looking for the reasons, researchers have concluded that modern teens are too preoccupied with mobile apps to do drugs.

Last year’s national survey showed a decrease in marijuana use among adolescents across the U.S. However, when researchers tried to find out what exactly reduced the interest of teens in drugs, they came up with an interesting theory.

Myth Busted: Teenagers Decrease Cannabis Use in States with Legal Marijuana
Myth Busted: Teenagers Decrease Cannabis Use in States with Legal Marijuana
A national survey carried out by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows no evidence of marijuana legalization leading to an increase in cannabis use among youth.

The New York Times has recently published a report, according to which American youth is now more interested in mobile apps and electronic devices than illicit substances.

According to Dr. Silvia Martins from Columbia University, many teenagers find the necessary sensation in using social media and playing video games, so this theory is highly reasonable.

Though it was quite surprising for Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, but she also thinks that boys and girls can literary get high from using interactive media. Considering this fact, she is going to assemble a team of scientists to investigate the possibility of mobile apps preventing marijuana abuse.

The annual government-funded research “Monitoring the Future” states that high school students reported the lowest level of past-year consumption of illicit drugs other than marijuana in the last forty years. The study also demonstrates that even heroin use has significantly decreased among adolescents in the past decade. Researchers suggest that teenagers are now more obsessed with mobile devices and video games.

Colorado Survey Finds No Increase of Cannabis Use Among Teens
Colorado Survey Finds No Increase of Cannabis Use Among Teens
​After analyzing the latest survey results, Colorado researchers have concluded that cannabis use among the state's teenagers remains flat.

Though this reason keeps teenagers away from harmful substances, researchers are also concerned that the omnipresence of mobile phones may negatively impact the kids’ brains. Electronic devices that are constantly used by teens are like portable dopamine pumps that simply substitute the high from marijuana or other drugs.

Eric Elliott, a school psychologist, told the Times that video game abuse was now more concerning than drug consumption. In his practice, he has had more problems with students who are addicted to video games than those who use drugs.

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