Jun 28, 2016 9:00 AM

AnnaBis Bags: Stylish Way to Hide the Smell of Weed

For most women, it is not enough to just have some things, especially when it comes to their accessories. They want to have them stylish, beautiful, and unique. But is it possible to have a sophisticated bag for weed? Well, now it is.

It is not a secret that women use their bags not only for carrying a few basic things but for all the things that they might ever need. That is why, sooner or later, even in the most expensive Gucci and Vuitton purses, you can find basically everything. Sometimes, it can take a couple of minutes for a woman to fish the car keys out of the depth of the bag. Then what can we say about weed bags, pipes, and other paraphernalia? It is enough to tear the bag with pot slightly with your nail file or keys, and every time you open your bag, everyone around you can smell the weed.

This is exactly what happened to Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch, co-founders of the AnnaBis company, and what made them think of creating their special bag line. Moss tells the story that happened back in 2014, when they were sitting with their friends in a parking lot. All the ladies were successful career women, all happy mothers, and all were recreational cannabis users.

Once they decided to take a few tokes, they faced a common problem: they were trying to find their pot and paraphernalia but their bags were a mess. “Who has got a lighter? Where is my pipe?” Finally, one of the ladies got out of her bag a little kit with a lighter, a pipe, and some weed. It looked really messy, but at least it was together. At that moment, a new idea was born.

Moss was up to creating something that would be loved by all the women who are style-conscious and wellness-focused marijuana users. It would be something that would look great, that would be made from high-quality materials, would be suitable for carrying everything you need for using cannabis, and that would control the odor.

Moss cooperated with Shuch, an experienced designer, and they came up with three variants of bags for women and one for men, all made with the special “Odor-Loc” technology, i.e., a thin layer of resin film that is usually used in medical, electronic, and food industries and that can hold all the scents inside. Plus, all the products have airtight zippers, so even if you carry these bags in your hands, no person can ever guess what is inside.

The Whoopee Vape Case ($70, 17 color variations) is a small, slim pouch that can fit everything you need for smoking, whether it is a pipe, a pen, or some other tool; it takes little space and can fit into any women's bag.

The Melissa wristlet ($85-$175, available in 14 colors) is slightly bigger and can be used as a clutch. Inside, it has several pockets, so all the paraphernalia can have their own place, and additional room in the middle for all kinds of small things a woman may need.

The Chelsea Cross-Body bad ($295, three colors) has two separate compartments: one is similar to any knapsack construction, with enough space for a bottle of water, your purse, and your smartphone, and another discreet compartment is on the lower part where you can place all your marijuana paraphernalia.

Frankie Vape Case ($70, four variants) is pretty much the same as Whoopee case, but the central part is zippered with Odor-Loc in order to hold all the stinky pre-roll small items. It is a gender-neutral vape case, so it can be used by anyone.

Of course, if your goal is just to hide the scent, a usual plastic bag with a zip-lock will do the job. The idea is to look good and be confident about the odor control, to enjoy the same dignity when you are holding your iPhone, iPad, your wallet, or your little AnnaBis bag. The idea is to be stylish even in little things.

While the marijuana legalization movement is on the rise in the U.S., more and more segments of the market are opening for the entrepreneurs. The general idea of the re-branding of the marijuana image stimulates creating brand new products, like, for instance, cannabis wellness products by Whoopi Goldberg, or tampon-like cannabis product for period pain by Foria.

AnnaBis bags are not directly connected to cannabis, but they surely found their own segment in the market that was still empty. This product is luxury, functional, attractive, and so far, it is absolutely unique.

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