Nov 2, 2016 12:05 PM

Al Harrington Supports Marijuana Legalization in California

Al Harrington, former forward of Golden State Warriors who played in the NBA until 2014, stands for marijuana legalization for adult use in California.

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Harrington is part of the lineup called “Artists for Yes on Prop 64.” This celebrity coalition, which includes actor Michael K. Williams, actress Olivia Wilde, businessman and hip-hop artist Jay Z, rapper Common, music executive Russel Simmons, and many others, supports California’s Proposition 64, a voter initiative on the November 2016 ballot that proposes to create a legal and safe system for cannabis use in California.

As it is said in San Francisco Chronicle, the former Warrior is absolutely sure that marijuana can cure a lot of different diseases as it helped his very religious grandmother deal with such serious problems as glaucoma and diabetes. Harrington sent weed to his grandmother to provide her with relief in 2011. The following year he got a meniscus tear and a staph infection as a result. After that, Harrington began to use marijuana himself. It happened in Vail, when he had his fourth surgery, and his cousin introduced him to cannabinoids. Since that time, the former NBA player has not taken an anti-inflammatory pill or Vicodin. He believes in the fantastic power of weed and recommends it to all of his friends and relatives.

As Harrington told The Chronicle, cannabis use is prohibited by the National Basketball Association, but as a player he had never tested positive.

Harrington also confessed that he had invested in a marijuana business.

The former forward really thinks that marijuana legalization is an issue of social justice as it will be able to put an end to the convictions and arrests of adults, especially Latino men and African Americans that use and sell weed.

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