Aug 29, 2016 9:20 AM

8 Crazy Things Stoners Do When They Are Dankrupt

Have you ever been dankrupt? Looking for a stash in every nook and cranny, checking all your pockets, and calling your friends to ask whether they have something to share with you? Well, then you should definitely know some of the hilarious stories about desperate stoners and what they can do in the moment of need.

On one hand, it is not fun to be in this situation, but at the same time, a stoner can be really creative if they want to get baked. Some things they “invent” are actually not so bad, while others can make you either laugh or feel sorry for those who tried it.

However, whatever makes a stoner happy is definitely worth trying.

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Smoking pot that was already vaped

We must admit that most stoners tried it at least once in their life. The taste is disgusting and resembles burnt food a little, but you will get somewhat high anyway. Do not expect to get much as most of the THC goes out of it the first time around. However, even an unsavory high is better than no high.

Making resin from cheap weed

Surely, we all want to smoke high-quality marijuana, but since it costs a lot, sometimes, most of us agree to some cheaper variants. If you know the places, you can get some really cheap weed and consume it. However, since this kind of stuff is not always safe to use, so it is better to turn it into resin. Some stoners even collect this kind of resin adding it piece by piece to form a resin ball, which they use exactly in this kind of desperate moments. But please, do not store this ball for too long―old resin tastes not better than the previously vaped weed.

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Consuming stems

First of all, you should have stems to smoke them. If you accidentally do have this kind of weird stash, they indeed can make you high. Actually, by this we mean a weak high and a strong headache. Some users even say they experience severe nausea and feel depressed. So it is up to you to decide if you want to sacrifice your well-being for a short period of a weak high.

Robbing the piggy bank

If you are really desperate, and you do not have any money in your wallet, you may want to shake your little penny bank and count whether there is enough for you to buy some weed. If you have ever been in this situation, we bet the budtender was more than surprised. Paying in pennies for your stash is considered bad manners. So if you have options, try something else instead.

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Gathering leftovers

If you are dankrupt, you may remember all those leftovers from knife-hits and cashed bowls you threw away so thoughtlessly. It is better to get a special bowl for gathering this material; it can do you a good service in the moments of jonesing. No one can guarantee you a nice taste, but at least this material will do its job.

Small particles from kief bags

Yes, it sounds really desperate, but at some point, scraping the kief from the opened bags you might have at home may work. Some users even collect all the kief bags “just in case,” which eventually happens sooner or later. The more bags you have, the more kief you might “rescue.”

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Drinking used bong water

Theoretically, there is some THC left in this water, but practically, it is so disgusting that barely anyone can ever drink it. If you are really so desperate that you are seriously thinking of doing this, prepare for vomiting. In other words, if you care about your health, do not drink bong water. Never, ever.

Looking for weed in your smoking spots

There is always a chance you dropped a little bit of weed earlier, so look carefully on the sofa and on the carpet where you usually smoke your joints. Yes, it might seem like you are looking for gold sand in Klondike, but actually, it is not so far from the truth. Just beware of all the garbage (like, cat's hair, dirt, or occasional cookie crumbs) you might pick up together with the weed particles―as you may guess, smoking dirt is not fun.

Sooner or later, most stoners face the problem of being dankrupt. So it is up to you to think about those desperate moments in advance. However, the best decision would be probably visiting one of your friends and asking them to help you during your hard times.

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