Oct 7, 2016 9:35 AM

7 Most Common Myths About Female Cannabis Smokers

There are a lot of females among cannabis supporters and enthusiasts. However, most lady stoners are surrounded by a wide range of stereotypes. Whether you are a TV star or a busy mother, one day you will definitely hear some clichés about your smoking weed. Below we have collected seven most common myths about cannabis and ladies.

1. All They Do Is Smoke Pot

Some women smoke weed just a couple of times a year. Are you surprised? Not all the smokers are weed addicts and consume cannabis every day. There is no rule on how much marijuana it takes to become a pot-loving woman.

2. Weed Enthusiasts Are Not Successful

Many people think that female weed smokers lack motivation and goals. But what about famous politicians, TV stars, musicians, journalists, and writers who smoke weed regularly? Or ladies who started their own business in the cannabis industry? There is an enormous number of weed supporters among successful people of different professions.

3. Female Smokers Only Date Stoners

Although some women prefer to date people who share their lifestyle and enjoy smoking weed, it is definitely not a must-have for all of them. Cannabis lovers do not force anyone to try weed, but they will be really happy to take a few puffs with you.

4. Female Smokers Have Only Friends Who Smoke

It is awesome to have a friend who consumes cannabis too. However, there are plenty of other things that can connect people. You whether listen to the same music or visit the same yoga center; cannabis is not the only reason to make friends.

5. Mothers Do Not Consume Cannabis

All mothers need to have a lot of patience to raise their children. Many moms prefer a glass of wine to keep calm and relax. However, smoking weed might be a more effective alternative to alcohol or cigarettes.

6. Female Cannabis Users Began Smoking as Teens

As a result of cannabis legalization in many states, ladies of all ages can begin using marijuana. The fact that cannabis is only for teens is nothing more than a myth.

7. Ladies Smoke Pot Only If They Are Stressed Out

You might be happy or sad, stressed or relaxed when you consume weed. Cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy weed in any condition or mood.

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