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6 World's Most Popular Cannabis Museums You Need to Visit

Are you fond of visiting cannabis festivals and other weed-related events? And what about cannabis museums? Even experienced weed lovers will definitely find something new at an exhibition dedicated to marijuana. Below are six most popular cannabis museums in the world that attract millions of tourists every year.

1. Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum in California

The Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum is situated in the world-famous Oaksterdam District. It is the only U.S. marijuana museum that is open to visitors on a regular basis and has a medical cannabis garden on display.

The Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum offers information and showpieces on the weed culture, industrial hemp, and medicinal marijuana.

5 Impressive Facts From the History of Weed Brownies
5 Impressive Facts From the History of Weed Brownies
Pot brownies are mouth-watering edibles that do not need much introduction. They are healthy, tasty, and potent. But have you ever thought about how ancient pot edibles are? Did you know that cannabis sweets once inspired the most talented people in the world history?

2. Whakamana Cannabis Museum in New Zealand

The Whakamana Cannabis Museum is a popular center of pot education. Located in Dunedin, home of the famous Otago University, this marijuana museum is a great opportunity to visit the university’s 420 sessions. Moreover, the Whakamana Cannabis Museum offers places to stay.

3. Hanf Museum in Germany

The Hanf Museum is the only one of its kind in Germany. Based in Berlin, it is devoted to the industrial and agricultural use of hemp. The museum occupies 250 square meters of exhibition space and offers dozens of amazing pieces.

4. Hemp Embassy in Austria

The Hemp Embassy is aimed to raise awareness about the properties and benefits of the cannabis plant. It also grows weed in-house, allowing visitors to see the herb for themselves. Moreover, anyone can come to Hemp Embassy free of charge.

Evolution of Cannabis Culture: From Ancient Greeks to Modern Apps
Evolution of Cannabis Culture: From Ancient Greeks to Modern Apps
The cannabis culture has gone a long way to becoming what it is right now—mainstream. Cannabis has developed from being mostly associated with the Rastafarian culture to turning into the main topic of TV shows. Today, pot is something mass and popular.

5. The Hash Marihuana Cáñamo & Hemp Museum of Barcelona in Spain

The Hash Marihuana Cáñamo & Hemp Museum is situated in Barcelona, the heart of Spain. It is designed to educate people on the cultivation of marijuana, its consumption, and its usage in medicine. It also demonstrates how weed was used by ancient people.

6. The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in the Netherlands

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in the Netherlands is located in the famous Red Light District, and it is the oldest marijuana museum. The Dutch museum demonstrates hundreds of collection items on the history of hemp, medicinal cannabis, and the process of making hash.

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What is the Difference Between a Coffeeshop, Café, and Coffee House in the Netherlands?
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