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6 Quick and Easy Snacks to Make When You Get Munchies

When you are already baked, and the munchies demand that you gobble up everything you have in your fridge, you may be tempted to eat everything you can find in your kitchen, regardless of how tasty or healthy it is.

We are sure that in any circumstances, even if you are broke and have very little money, you can think of something to cook so that you get joy not only from the joint but also from the food you eat after smoking it. Even if you are not a first-class chef, and you seriously doubt whether you can cook anything edible when you are high, we believe in you. More than this, we are sure that your cooking experiments will be so successful that you might want to try to cook all of the meals in this article.

The good thing about all of these recipes is that they are cheap. Just check what is there in your cupboard and fridge. Even if you have to visit a store to buy some ingredients, it can be a really quick trip, so it will not take a lot of time (and money!).

If you lack something, be creative. Seriously, unless you add black pepper instead of sugar, it will still turn out okay. So, let us begin.

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Crazy fruit salad

Instead of eating candies, try to get sugar from another, healthier source. Just grab all the fruit you have in the fridge, whether it is apples, plums, pears, mangoes, kiwis, or oranges. Cut them into pieces. If you have some berries, add them, too (no need to cut them; otherwise, it will take you ages to finish making it). Melon also works fine. At the same time, watermelon can be too watery, so it can turn your fruit salad into a sticky mix. However, if you are up for it, you can add it, too―whatever makes you happy.

Now, when all the fruit and berries are in one big bowl, mix it all together. Take a fork and start your delicious way into the world of natural sweetness. This can become your favorite way of calming down your munchies, so by next time, just make sure you have enough fruit in your fridge!

Bagel pizza

If you have bagels, or maybe some white bread, some vegetables, pizza sauce, and cheese, you can make this tasty little homemade pizza. It will probably not look (and taste) like the pizza you can order in a restaurant, but believe us, it can also be delicious.

All you need is to cut the bagel in two halves (cut horizontally, of course) and spread some pizza sauce on both halves. If you have béchamel sauce, it may also work, though in this case, your pizza will resemble lasagna.

Now, take all the vegetables you have (paprika, tomato, baked potato, lettuce), cut them into pieces and spread on the bagels. If you have any meat, you can add it, too. Then cover everything with another layer of pizza sauce and a thick layer of cheese.

All you need to do now is put your bagel pizza into the hot oven for five minutes, until the cheese turns golden brown. Here you go―in less than ten minutes, your little pizza is done!

Got High? Now Try These 4 Drinks!
Got High? Now Try These 4 Drinks!
Now, who are we to argue that cannabis is a uniquely good thing just as it is, thank you? Still, oftentimes smoking weed may have a somewhat unfortunate side-effect: dry mouth. This is were various drinks come in. In this article, we have reviewed four drinks we personally consider to go extremely well with cannabis.

Macaroni and cheese

Macaroni are not only easy and fast to cook. A plate of macaroni can make you full for the rest of the day! So, all you need to do is cook macaroni as usual. Then add some spices you like, or simply add salt and pepper. While macaroni is still hot, cover them with your favorite cheese (Parmesan works perfectly for this). And here comes the secret ingredient. Cheetos! You can mix them with macaroni to make the taste super-cheesy!

Ramen plus

Ramen is probably one of the things that always save you when you have munchies. Of course, you can make it as usual, and it will be still good, but you can also improve the recipe a little bit so that it has a new taste.

First, cook noodles as you usually do, then pour the water out and put them in a frying pan. If you do not want to burn them, add some oil. If you have bacon, you can fry it first, and then add the noodles to the grease it produced.

Then you should add one or two eggs and whatever spices you like (garlic, pepper mix, or maybe seasoning packet).

When the eggs are almost done, add some cheese (you see, you can make everything better with cheese) and wait till it is melted. Voila―ramen plus is ready!

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Bread with eggs

Instead of frying eggs directly in a frying pan, you can make them much tastier if you add some white bread. For every egg, you will need three or four slices of bread. Put the inside of the egg into a bowl, salt it a little bit. Add two spoons of water and stir. Then, all you need is to soak your bread in this mixture and put it in a hot frying pan. You will need to cook it for up to two minutes on each side.

Once your bread is done, you can add some topping: mayo (better not do it), cheese, ham. You can also make it sweet and put some brown sugar on top. If you have some jam, try it, too. Well, just have a look what else you have in your fridge, and make a sandwich. However, even if you do not have anything, fried bread with eggs tastes delicious anyway.

Milkshake with fruit

If you are not in the mood for healthy food, you can still cheat a bit and mix something fat and sweet with healthy ingredients. For instance, you can take some ice cream, like two or three scoops, add some milk and one banana. Then shake it up with a mixer.

This mixture tastes already great, but you can make it even better. If you have any berries or small grapes, just add them to the mixture. Then take a big spoon and eat this milkshake as if you were a child. It tastes like heaven!

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Cooking With Cannabis: Top 5 Recipes For Your Everyday Experience
Today, the Internet is full of various recipes for marijuana-infused edibles. You can easily find the recipe for your favorite weed cheesecake, brownie, or lollipops. But it is rather unlikely that you would cook such dainties every day.

So, as you can see, a little bit of creativity, and almost anything can turn into a nice meal. Since being healthy is now trendy, why not try to substitute all those chips and candies to something more nutritious. No need to feel sorry after you finish three plates of chocolate, just remember that when you get munchies, all food tastes good. So if you eat something else, you will get the same joy. And if you add some cheese to this “something,” it will definitely make you happy.

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