Jul 1, 2016 9:30 AM

6 Most Entertaining Apps for Cannabis Users

These days, it seems that there is a smartphone application for anything you can imagine. Of course, various cannabis-related activities are not an exception. If you want to spend your high time in a more interesting way, here is a list of the most entertaining applications for marijuana users.


Have this app at hand the next time marijuana boosts your creativity. With the help of Beatwave, music lovers can create their own beats when inspired by smoking favorite cannabis strains. Just tap anywhere on the screen of your mobile device and you will discover that there are only right notes. There is a wide range of musical instruments available in the app. Moreover, you can mix up to four of them at once to create your best marijuana music. Share your creations with your friends and other stoners directly from Beatware.

420 Mate

Going on a date with a fellow marijuana aficionado has never been easier. The developers of 420 Mate offer you to become a member of a large marijuana-friendly community that includes both recreational and medical cannabis users. After you sign up, you can browse profiles and photos of other weed lovers. A chat function allows you to talk to (or to flirt with) any community member that piques your interest. In case you have any problems with the service, a customer support team is always ready to assist you. Join this dating community for free and find a partner or new weed-appreciating friends using420 Mate's vast collection of stoners' profiles.

Mind Wave 2

Mind Wave 2 is an updated version of the original health app that has already become popular among marijuana fans. This app can reduce your stress or boost your creativity by playing isochronic tones that are supposed to influence your brain activity. It is quite difficult to understand how these tones work, or if they work at all, but many users find this app helpful when they want to let their brain rest at night.


If marijuana inspires you to create pictures, let your imagination fly with Colorfy. This mobile app contains coloring books aimed at adult users. The coloring process helps you relax and train your sense of color. At first, you may think that this app is too childish, but chances are you will change your mind after trying it. You may want to share your works with your friends on social media or even print out pictures you made. Colorfy is now available for free in iPhone, Android, and even Amazon versions.

High There!

High There! is one of the greatest apps for single people who love marijuana. This application is available both for iPhones and Android devices. After creating your High There! dating profile, you will be able to browse other people's profiles, as well as chat with stoners. Created for tech-savvy people, this app also allows you to make a video statement for your profile. High There! is a good opportunity for weed users to connect with like-minded people, whether for romantic purposes or not.


Bandsintown was not made specifically for stoners, but that should not stop you from using it. This app is a great guide to the world of live music. Stay up-to-date with the latest news of the music world, as well as all music events in your location. Moreover, you can use Bandsintown to purchase tickets and let your friends know the upcoming concerts.

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