Jun 25, 2016 9:10 AM

6 Great Ways to Spend Time After Using Indica

What do you prefer to do after smoking indica strains? Do you agree that some activities are more suited for indica? If you are a lover of cannabis that provides you with a body high, learn more about the great activities for spending your time after using indica-dominant strains.

When enriched by cannabis, almost all your activities will bring you more fun, but marijuana connoisseurs assure that some strains are better to consume with certain activities over others. Here is a list of six activities that cannabis users prefer to do after smoking particular indica strains. Almost all of these post-smoking activities involve letting go and relaxing since the indica strains usually bring you an impressive body high.

Taking a Bath

Taking a bath is a very relaxing process on its own, just like smoking cannabis is. But there is something magical in bathing after a nice bowl of some indica strain. Try combining these two activities with Northern Lights, Skywalker, LA Confidential, White Rhino, or Death Star, and you will see for yourself what an enjoyable experience it is.

Watching a Movie

Watching a movie may be a great idea after smoking such indica-dominant strains as CBD Shark, Motavation, Papa’s OG, or Somango. These relaxing strains are best suited for kicking back on a comfortable couch or armchair and having a good time. Even if you choose to watch a horror movie, the indica effect will keep you relaxed during the scariest scenes.

Filling Your Stomach

There are some conditions that make it difficult to eat even a piece of your favorite food, but cannabis can definitely make a difference in this case. Consuming almost any weed strain can make your mouth water, but some indica strains can really evoke your appetite. Thus, be aware that after smoking such indica strains as Ancient OG, Death Star OG, Gog & Magog, Sin City Kush, or Training Day, you will be ready to swallow almost any weird combination of food.

Going on a Picnic

There are two reasons why a picnic is a great idea for indica lovers: one is that you can satisfy your enhanced appetite, and the other is that you can enjoy the nature and feel its peaceful beauty better. Moreover, you can sit back or lie down on a blanket and enjoy your favorite snacks until the sun sets in the west. For having even more fun, you can invite your friends to share a puff of Godzilla, Rocky Mountain Blueberry, Misty Kush, or Blue Lights.

Having Sex

Fortunately, there is no stamp of infamy on having sex with a partner nowadays. Though it is not mandatory, it seems normal for a functional relationship. Thus, if you want to relax your body before having sex, you can smoke a little of such indica strains as Blue Moonshine, Wonder Woman OG, Sugar Mama, K-Train, or Americano. This cannabis will make your intimate life better and brighter!

Falling Asleep

This may seem an obvious activity in the evening, but indica strains have more chances to provide you with a sound sleep than sativas. This is especially important for people suffering from insomnia or chronic stress. After smoking the indica-dominant strains like Eran Almog, Brand X, Russian Assassin, or Emerald OG, you will sleep deeper and wake up rested and refreshed.

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