Aug 26, 2016 9:45 AM

6 Awesome Ideas for Date With Your Stoner Girl

If you want to impress a girl you like very much, arrange an unforgettable date for her. Moreover, if she is a stoner like you, then you will definitely have great fun together. Here are some awesome date ideas for cannabis-friendly couples.

Explore the Night Sky

There is something attracting and mysterious in the night sky and stars. It is great if you live in a place where you can enjoy the jewels of the night. It is even cooler to look up at the sky together with your stoner girl while smoking your favorite weed. Learn the names of the largest constellations to impress your girl and do not forget to bring a blanket to sit closer to each other.

Best Summertime Activities That Go Great With Marijuana
Best Summertime Activities That Go Great With Marijuana
Summer is the perfect time for swimming, hiking, relaxing outside, and taking the long-awaited vacation. If you are a cannabis smoker, then you have probably incorporated weed use into your daily routine.

Visit a Local Museum

Even if you are not a fan of museum exhibitions, a cannabis pipe will make your visit fun and impressive. Invite your girlfriend to a local museum while you are both high, and it will give you a newfound appreciation for art. Do not worry if you understand nothing in the modern culture, you can choose a science museum or any other exhibition. Combining date activities with cannabis consumption will make your date both educational and pleasurable.

Invite Her to a Rooftop Restaurant

It is a great idea to make your date high in the true sense of the word. After smoking a few pipes, visit a local restaurant with rooftop seating. A great view of the city with a fine meal will create a romantic atmosphere for an intimate conversation and sweet kisses. One more bonus of such a date is that you can also get some stargazing in.

5 Great Ideas for Cannabis-Friendly Date
5 Great Ideas for Cannabis-Friendly Date
Traditional things to do on a date may become a little boring for couples in long-term relationships. They have already gone through the most common dates including watching movies, dining at their favorite places, visiting concerts and sporting events, and even binge-watching shows on Netflix.

Craft Something Together

If you like cannabis strains that boost your creativity, you can offer your soulmate to do some arts and crafts. Drawing or modeling something can be really fun to do when you are both under the cannabis effect. You can even create the best-looking picture of your date or model a bong out of clay for further fun weed usage.

Visit a Live Concert

If you both like local music, your girl will be definitely thrilled with the idea to go to see a live band. Listening to music is a special pleasure after consuming your favorite weed strains. There are only benefits to this idea. You can both relax and not worry about awkward silences during the conversation. You will know more about the music tastes of your soulmate. And finally, you will get an amazing experience that will draw you closer to each other.

Check How Weed Lube Works

If you want to experience some new feelings with your stoner girlfriend, you can offer her to check how cannabis lubricant actually works. Though any form of cannabis can make your life brighter, having sex while high is even better if your partner uses weed lube.

Make Your Sex Life Diverse With These Strains
Make Your Sex Life Diverse With These Strains
There are some marijuana effects that are rarely mentioned. One of them is the arousing property of weed. In case you did not know this fact, smoking cannabis can make your intimate life better and more diverse.

If you have any other date ideas for stoner couples, please share them in the comment section below.

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