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5 Weed Strains and Namesake Movies to Celebrate Halloween

If you are not going to a Halloween party this year, WeedInFocus offers you to celebrate the holiday in a cozy home atmosphere in front of a TV. Here is a list of five cannabis strains and their namesake horror films that you can use together on All Hallows' Eve. Have a frighteningly good evening!

Halloween Edibles to Fill the Bowl
Halloween Edibles to Fill the Bowl
Halloween is a dear holiday to us all. Our inner child can finally enjoy their favorite treats, tricks, and costumes. This day, all people, no matter their age, are amazed by the spooky atmosphere of ancient spirits having their fun.


After its appearance on the marijuana market, the Hell Raiser OG strain caused a lot of buzz among weed users and even won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2014. Pot users fell in love with this sativa-dominant hybrid for its delicious flavor and insanely uplifting high. Hell Raiser OG boosts your energy level and increases motivation, while the body becomes relaxed and pain-free. The Hellraiser movie is undoubtedly the best companion to this cannabis strain for the Halloween night. Be ready to dive into the kingdom of darkness with demons, zombies, and supernatural scenes of horror.


The Frankenstein strain is a powerful indica that can stun even the most experienced stoners with its high. This hybrid has a sweet and fruity taste and is famous for its high THC content that ranges from 18 to 22% on average. After using Frankenstein, you will feel a zombie-like high that relaxes all your muscles and makes you forget about chronic pain and insomnia. This strain is best paired with the awe-inspiring Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell. The last part of the Frankenstein saga is about a shaggy-haired creature, creepy brain transplants, and a terrifying experiment that still scares every watcher.


The Alien OG strain is a highly-potent hybrid that will make you uplifted and lazy at the same time. The amount of THC in this strain can reach up to 28%, which provides its users with a heavy cerebral buzz and a subtle physical high. The strain's effects usually last for two or three hours, so Alien OG is not recommended if you have to perform any scrupulous work or drive a car. However, this is the right time to watch the Alien movie if you are celebrating Halloween at home. This classic horror is about creatures that can jump out of the dark and attack you. The spine-chilling scenes of an alien invasion will make you hide under a blanket but be happy that you are here on Earth.


Inspired by the namesake horror, breeders created the Ogre strain, an indica-dominant hybrid, so that viewers can be brave enough to watch the Demons 3: The Ogre movie till the end. The strain will relax your muscles and make you couch-locked, but the sativa effect will provide calm and mental focus. Wait until cannabis begins to kick in and only then start watching the movie. Now you can get joy from the inept scenes with a monster that turns out to be some hairy Italian man in a rubber mask.

Jack the Ripper

The Jack the Ripper strain ensures a creeping cerebral high with a good dose of both energy and relaxation. With up to 26% of THC, the strain helps its users forget about chronic pain, depression, and headaches. Smoking this heavy sativa hybrid on Halloween is a good reason to watch the classic namesake horror. The 1976 movie about the first documented serial murderer has Klaus Kinski in the lead role. The realistic game of actors and the captivating allure of Jess Franco, the director, makes this timeless movie worth watching again and again.

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