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5 Greatest Cannabis Advocates Among Sportsmen

The legalization of cannabis usually provides plenty of benefits for its citizens, such as extended treatment options, an advanced labor market, and a stronger economy. The country’s views on weed have been softening from year to year, making cannabis more widely accepted in all spheres of life. However, sports remains to have some of the strictest rules for marijuana consumption. From MMA fighters to NFL stars, below are five most well-known medical cannabis advocates among sportsmen.

Jake Plummer

Jake Plummer, a former professional football player from Broncos QB, is a famous advocate for CBD, a cannabis compound that can help with dozens of ailments. After taking CBD oil for just one year, he started joking that he was feeling so healthy that he could easily return to big sports at the age of 41.

Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams is probably the most famous cannabis enthusiast in the NFL history. He earned multiple marijuana-related suspensions while playing in the league. Moreover, Williams even left football to smoke weed freely! Now he is a partner at the first marijuana gym located in San Francisco.

Former Football Superstar Ricky Williams Promotes Marijuana As Effective Painkiller for NFL Players
Former Football Superstar Ricky Williams Promotes Marijuana As Effective Painkiller for NFL Players
​Ricky Williams is on the list of the most recognizable and famous football players in the whole world. In 1998, the running back from the University of Texas won the Heisman Trophy. Ricky Williams is the guy the New Orleans Saints traded for, and the price was really high—they gave up every one of their picks in the NFL draft of 1999 (plus three drafts in 2000). This is considered to be one of the most irrational and infamous draft moves in the whole history of NFL.

Eugene Monroe

Eugene Monroe, as well as Ricky Williams, is a former NFL star who supports both active and retired players using CBD. He also donated money towards the research on the properties of marijuana properties for brain protection.

Kyle Turley

Kyle Turley, another famous player from New Orleans, saved his life by using cannabis. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he said that taking painkillers caused him to suffer from serious side effects, such as rage and depression. Turley started using weed in 2015, and his suicidal tendencies disappeared.

Former Football Superstars Want NFL to Allow Players to Use Medical Marijuana
Former Football Superstars Want NFL to Allow Players to Use Medical Marijuana
The former offensive lineman at San Diego State, Kyle Turley, is making efforts to convince the NFL to allow players with specific medical conditions to use marijuana. More than that, he hopes that the rapidly growing number of studies on cannabis will also help his proposal.

Cliff Robinson

Cliff Robinson, also known as Uncle Cliffy or Uncle Spliffy, a former NBA star, is going to open his first marijuana store in Portland. Robinson, who played with the Trail Blazers for eight seasons, is also an advocate for lighter penalties for players who test positive for weed.

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