Apr 11, 2017 12:45 PM

5 Great Ways to Add Weed to Your Wedding

A wedding is probably one of the most memorable days in a person's life. Everyone wants it to be marvelous and add something special to make it enjoyable both for the couple and their guests. If you are looking for creative ideas for organizing your best day and are lucky to live in the state with legalized recreational cannabis, then we have good news. Pot is going to make your wedding unforgettable! Below are five tips on how to use cannabis on your special day.

1. Choose Designated Area for Consumption

Kids are usually present at most weddings. Moreover, there can be some guests who do not want to consume weed. Make sure you have arranged a special remote place for consuming pot that will not disturb anyone. You will be able to smoke as much as you wish and remain polite.

2. Combine Weed and Alcohol

Planning to serve alcoholic beverages at your wedding? Wine can be a great option as it goes perfectly with cannabis. Although you will probably need some additional staff for providing this service, you will not regret it as the wine and pot combination is the best option for an excellent weed wedding.

3. Offer Cannabis Edibles

The cannabis industry offers numerous options for those who love weed edibles. Chocolate, lollipops, cookies, beverages—why not add something mouthwatering to your wedding celebration?

4. Add Cannabis to the Boutonnieres

You can easily make your groom’s classical boutonniere special. It can be done by simply adding some pot leaves to the other plants in the mix.

5. Use Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is the easiest way to add weed products to your best day. Food menus, invitations, table charts—you can use hemp paper in plenty of ways. It will support the theme and look amazing!

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