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5 Best Weed Cookbooks for Any Taste

Nowadays, cannabis edibles are one of the most favorable kinds of marijuana products among weed users. Though they may come in different forms, from pot brownies to weed coffee to cannabutter, you will get equal pleasure regardless of which one you choose. Moreover, creating all these delicacies with your own hands is even more special. But if you think that it is too complicated or expensive, you are wrong. The following cannabis cookbooks contain recipes for each level of home chef's skills and budget, including the very beginners and money-savers.

“The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook” by High Times

This cookbook is a must-have guide for all weed users, as it contains the best recipes of cannabis edibles for different occasions that have been collected by the High Times editors for over 15 years. Some of their recipes are loved by cannabis users so much that they have become world famous. Though the book offers a great variety of recipes, some cannabis aficionados find them not innovative as they do not include marijuana in the form of concentrate or vape oil.

Recipe: Marijuana-Infused Skirt Steak With Chimichurri Sauce
Recipe: Marijuana-Infused Skirt Steak With Chimichurri Sauce
Red meat is an important part of your diet. It is a perfect source of protein, iron, and B vitamins. That is why it is very important to include meat into your ration if you care about staying healthy.

“Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics” by Warren Bobrow

In his book, Warren Bobrow will show you that weed edibles can be suitable for any occasion and can be made in any form, including cocktails and mocktails that are especially popular at dinner parties. If you want to impress your guests and do not know how, here you will find a great collection of 75 marijuana drink recipes for every taste. In addition to weed beverages, it also includes a full history of marijuana as a recreational and medicinal product. In addition to cocktails, the book contains easy-to-do recipes for butters, shrubs, oils, and even milk-based coffee and tea for fast morning wakeups. You may be disappointed a little bit as there are no food recipes, but you will definitely find your favorite drinks in this book.

“Sweet Mary Jane” by Karin Lazarus

If you are keen on weed-laced sweets and brownies, this book is what you need. Written by the owner of Sweet Mary Jane bakery, this book offers 75 recipes of mouth-watering confections that require a more high-end approach. Though all edibles described in the book are extremely delicious, beginners may find them too complex, but all your efforts will be awarded with exquisite results. One look at such recipe names as Sweet Temptation Mango Sorbet and all those appetizing photos will make you instantly want to cook them.

Recipe: Homemade Baked Marijuana-Infused Fruit Dessert
Recipe: Homemade Baked Marijuana-Infused Fruit Dessert
Today’s dessert is certainly a perfect way to impress your guests or just treat yourself. Baked fruit is a great substitution to any kind of cookies, cakes, and biscuits. Moreover, baked fruit can be easily infused with marijuana. Do you want to find out how? Check out our recipe!

“The Vegan Stoner Cookbook” by Sarah Conrique

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook will convince you that vegan cuisine can also be marijuana-infused, and it can be delicious and easy. The book includes 100 vegan recipes for those who are concerned about their health. With this book, you will no longer have to puzzle your head over interchangeable ingredients. Moreover, the recipes are tasty and time-saving for both vegans and omnivorous eaters. All the ingredients are accessible and can be used very easily.

Recipe: Homemade Marijuana-Infused Mama Leone’s Soup
Recipe: Homemade Marijuana-Infused Mama Leone’s Soup
It is hard to find a person who does not like a creamy soup for its warmth and comfort. This is the best food not only for our physical but also for our mental health.

“The Cannabis Spa at Home” by Sandra Hinchliffe

Though it is not actually a cookbook, almost every female weed lover has wanted to make marijuana-infused tinctures, massage oils, or lotions. The book contains more than 75 marijuana spa recipes free of allergens and preservatives that can be easily prepared by any weed user. All home-made products covered in the book can be a great alternative for soothing irritated skin, managing pain, and relaxing with spa topicals. You will also find easy-to-follow instructions and interesting historical facts.

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