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5 Best Cannabis-Related Books

If you have some free time and do not know what to do, read a book on cannabis and learn something new about your favorite plant.

Cannabis: A History

Cannabis: A History is a must-read book for all cannabis enthusiasts who want to dive into the culture. The book is a real treasure—it contains the information about all aspects of the cannabis history. The textbook was written by Martin Booth—a notable British novelist and poet. Being published in 2003, Cannabis: A History marked the appearance of cannabis in serious literature.

This book desribes the religious aspects of marijuana, its place in musical culture, and, of course, the history of cannabis laws. Cannabis: A History is a useful reading material not only for the enthusiasts who are interested in the culture. The book must be read by politicians and activists who promote cannabis legalization to get a deeper knowledge of the subject.

Weed: The User's Guide

David Schmader published his most notable creation earlier this year. Despite its short existence, Weed: The User's Guide has already won the love of thousands of stoners. The book is even recognized as the “21st Century Handbook for Enjoying Marijuana.” The work is so popular because it is both very informative and hilarious.

The author has chosen the right approach to writing this kind of book. While Schmader touched upon the serious questions of the risks of smoking marijuana, he was also creative and funny in more trivial issues. Thus, the book contains the information that can fascinate the beginners and experienced stoners. For example, do you how to smoke pot from an apple or how to create other 420 accessories from what you have at hand? The author even knows what to do when your dog is staring at you in a strange way when you are paranoid from your high.

6 Home Tools That You Can Easily Turn Into Cannabis Appliances
6 Home Tools That You Can Easily Turn Into Cannabis Appliances
If you want to be a real stoner, then you should know how to create a great cannabis tool out of almost any household item. Though it may seem that a bong and a lighter are the only things you need to smoke weed, the following tools will make your toking experience more pleasurable if you have them at hand.

Weed: The User's Guide is a necessary book to read before smoking your first or thousandth joint.

The Secret Life of Plants

Even the most experienced growers do not know everything about plants. The Secret Life of Plants can teach a thing or two to those people who want to get the most out of their plants. The book is a classic—it was published in 1989. The authors, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, describe the physical and emotional relationships between plants and growers. Besides, there is a certain spiritual connection that can help you understand your plants better.

You may be surprised to read that plants can communicate with you or that they desire to please the humans, but the book really contains some insights into the life of plants. After all, a spiritual connection cannot make things worse. Who knows, maybe your next harvest will be better after all.

Can’t Find My Way Home: America in the Great Stoned Age

From the prohibition of marijuana to the psychedelic and cocaine-influenced eras of the American culture, the history of illicit drugs in the country has been complicated and fascinating. The author of this book, Martin Torgoff, has put to paper the long way of America towards reaching its Stoned Age.

The period between 1945 and 2004 is the richest time in the history of drugs.

Can’t Find My Way Home is a collection of the most diverse and intimate details from the people who are deeply connected to the world of drugs, including the cannabis culture. Whether you are interested in the historical facts or personal stories of celebrities and ordinary people, the book contains everything you may be looking for.

Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics by Warren Bobrow

This book is not a simple book of recipes. It is the book of spirited drinks. Cannabis Cocktails is a pleasant addition to the collection of any edibles fan. Warren Bobrow tells you the history of mixing cannabis with alcohol. The author unravels his own secrets of infusing alcohol and preparing tonics. Besides, there are hundreds of recipes that you can experiment with. The book creates a special atmosphere and brings you the inspiration to find something new to do with weed.

Warren Bobrow's Mixology Workshop: The Best Recipes With Blueberry Strain
Warren Bobrow's Mixology Workshop: The Best Recipes With Blueberry Strain
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