Jul 22, 2016 9:10 AM

5 Best Cannabis Jobs

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly offering a wide variety of new jobs. That is why more and more people are deciding to build their careers in the sphere of marijuana.

Although the majority of jobs are quite unusual, jobseekers are drawn to the industry. Since the jobs are unique, many people apply without any experience, and the hiring companies are trying to combine the existing skills of the applicants with the new requirements. It is worth mentioning that most of the applicants have a bachelor’s degree. However, a lot of people in the 40-50 age group have been aged out of the traditional workforce. Here are the most popular jobs in the weed industry.

1. Grow Master

A grow master cultivates different strains of cannabis plants. The occupation is in high demand on the market offering an average salary of $100,000 a year and a percentage of the profit. Most qualified grow masters come from California because they had enough time to improve their skills and gain experience in cultivating. But as more states legalize cannabis, expert cultivators from other American states will be welcomed.

2. Store Manager

Like all retail outlets, marijuana shops and dispensaries need professional managers. Store managers can count on about $75,000 a year and the opportunity to earn additional bonuses based upon the store’s sales.

3. Extraction Technician

Cannabis extracts give about 40% of total sales at some marijuana stores. An extraction technician has to possess a wide variety of unique skills; most of such employees have Ph.D.’s. Moreover, some states have legalized medical cannabis only in the extract form, so the job of an extraction technician is quite promising and highly paid.

4. Bud Trimmer

The responsibility of the bud trimmer is to cut the flowers from the stems. Although it is the lowest-paying job in the cannabis industry with an average salary of $12-$13 an hour, it gives the opportunity to start your career in this business and work your way up.

5. Owner

Owning a cannabis business is not as easy and profitable as it seems to be. High expenses, banking and legal issues, along with the constantly changing regulatory environment make it extremely complicated and risky. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, your marijuana business can become your purpose of life.

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