Sep 11, 2016 9:45 AM

4 Upcoming Series That Will Change Cannabis Representation on TV

As people who are deeply devoted to cannabis, we all have watched dozens of “marijuana-infused” comedies. All of them are special and interesting in their own way. However, the industry is reaching new heights and cannot stop on classic cannabis comedies.

With the increasing size of the cannabis-friendly audience, TV companies are planning the release of many projects that involve cannabis in some way. It is good to know that some of them are serious documentaries, biographies, and even crime dramas. Today, we are not limited by funny but shallow comedies, and producers are ready to grab their chance of creating fascinating TV series.

In this article, we have gathered four upcoming giants of cannabis TV.

While you are waiting for new projects to air, you can always watch the best cannabis movies that have already been released.

Best Weed Movies of All Time
Best Weed Movies of All Time
Today, stoner movies is a separate subgenre in cinematography. The image of cannabis culture differs from movie to movie—sometimes stoners are represented in a positive way, sometimes they are shown comically.


Adam and Naomi Scott are ready to present their new project called Buds. Buds is a TV show that revolves around the daily business of a Denver dispensary. The marijuana industry in Colorado has already produced several documentaries including such popular titles as Medicine Man.

This project unites Scott with the NBC writer Joe Mande. The show is a part of the NBC's development cycle of 2015-16. Unfortunately, further information about Buds is not available as of now. However, the title and initial description are very promising. Let us wait till the TV show airs and see whether our expectations will be satisfied.


The cannabis industry is ready to compete with the iconic Friends and Seinfeld. Be ready to meet the new sitcom Mary+Jane this fall. The series was created by one of the most recognizable figures in the business—Snoop Dog. Together with MTV, the rapper produced a show that would attract thousands of weed devotees around the globe.

Snoop Dog himself is expected to appear in the show when you least expect him to. The main heroes of Mary+Jane are Paige and Jordan—two best friends who will struggle to become successful “ganja-preneurs.” Sunny Los Angeles is waiting for the new business sharks.

The premier episode of Mary+Jane has already aired on Sept. 5.


Humboldt: Life on America’s Marijuana Frontier is a best-selling book published in 2013. Its author, Emily Brady, journeys to a secretive marijuana subculture to tell us its story. After the book's release, Humboldt's success inspired Sony pictures TV to create a crime drama series based on the original story.

The new show stars the notable actor John Malkovich who portrays the patriarch of the Humboldt crime family. The plot features the boom of the Northern California community that had existed for 40 years before the official cultivation and sale of cannabis. In addition to the Oscar-nominated Malkovich, this project involves Michael A. Lerner, Elliot Webb, and Alissa Philips.


The next on our list is a shared project of Chuck Lorre and David Javerbaum. Disjointed is an upcoming series that has been ordered by Netflix. The company is well-known as the host of the most popular TV series of the past few years. The list of their projects includes Jessica Jones, Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Gilmore Girls, and many other people's favorites.

The upcoming Netflix series tells us the story of a famous marijuana advocate who now owns a cannabis dispensary. We will watch as the woman lives her dream, hires three peculiar budtenders, interacts with her security guard, and raises her twentysomething son. The main role is played by Kathy Bates.

Unfortunately, we still have to wait for the detailed description of the show, as well as the full list of involved actors and the release date.

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Best Weed Movies of All Time
Today, stoner movies is a separate subgenre in cinematography. The image of cannabis culture differs from movie to movie—sometimes stoners are represented in a positive way, sometimes they are shown comically.
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