Nov 9, 2016 12:05 PM

4 Smartest Marijuana Smokers That Ever Existed

Recently, the Nobel Committee has caused a stir by awarding Bob Dylan with a Nobel Prize for his contribution to literature. And while we know that he is the one who introduced the Beatles to pot, he is still not on our list of marijuana-smoking geniuses.

Why? We have decided not to mention all the successful musicians and actors who enjoy smoking cannabis but draw your attention to the absolutely smartest people who have ever lived on the planet and who succeeded in different spheres of life while smoking marijuana. We are talking about truly remarkable scientists and doctors.

Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks was a famous neurologist who has gained wide popularity for turning many of his experiences and case studies into film- and stage-adapted books. He is also described as one of the greatest clinical writers of the 20th century. The scientist was quite a frequent marijuana consumer. He even wrote about his first smoking experience that brought him the feeling of significance.

Stephen Jay Gold

Stephen Jay Gold received the name of a “Living Legend” in 2000. He was an evolutionary biologist and paleontologist that became heavily involved in the pop culture in the late 80’s. When Stephen was diagnosed with abdominal mesothelioma and found out that he had only eight months left to live, he began smoking weed. And you know what? Stephen lived through the next 20 years and became a great advocate of medical marijuana use and ending the global war on drugs.

Bill Gates

We think this person needs no introduction. Bill Gates created Microsoft at the same time Steve Jobs was working on Apple, and these two significant persons have similar feelings regarding marijuana use. Gates supported marijuana legalization in Washington, and this year Microsoft has become partners with a company that tracks the marijuana industry.

Kary Mullis

Kary Mullis is known for being a 1993 Nobel Laureate for his DNA research on the P.C.R. The New York Times wrote about the significance of Mullis’ research saying that it had divided biology into two periods—before P.C.R. and after it. The professor has also written about his frequent use of cannabis and LSD.

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