Dec 9, 2016 12:10 PM

2016 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for CannaLovers

Are you looking for the best holiday gifts for your cannabis-friendly loved ones? Stay strong, shopper. Or take a deep breath and read this great gift guide that we have composed for you in order to help you find the perfect present idea for everyone on your list and for yourself, of course.

This year's gift guide is an eclectic mix of the practical and fantastical—the stuff every marijuana connoisseur wants to have or even does not know how much they need it.

Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer

“Intelligent, intuitive, and instant”—that is how the Pax Labs manufacturers describe their own product. And they are probably understating the advantages of this vaporizer. Pax 3 is the latest and the most popular generation of Herb and Wax Vaporizers, i.e. built for both dry herbs and concentrates.

The Pax 3 combines technical sophistication and high-end performance in a perfectly slick, discreet-looking portable wand. It has 4+ heat settings, Bluetooth, and its own smartphone app (available for iOS and Android). Pax 3 charges for around an hour and a half, and its battery lasts about 5 to 7 sessions before running out of juice.

Ordering this gizmo, you will get a package with Pax 3 itself, a maintenance kit, a concentrate insert, three screens, a multi-tool, two mouthpieces, a charging cable + dock, two over lids, a 3500 mAh battery, and a 10-year warranty.

Price: $274.99

Killer Bee Hand Pipe

Red Eye Glass knows how to make people happy. Their Killer Bee Hand Pipe is cool, original, inventive, and inspiring at the same time. According to the manufacturers, each piece of this awesome pipe is crafted just for you but is invariably made of 100% borosilicate glass and measures approximately 10.5cm in length. It is high-quality, portable, and looks absolutely great!

Presenting this Killer Bee Hand Pipe to your friend, you may be sure that they will be absolutely happy and buzzing after each use.

Price: $29.99

Mini Bell Bubbler

Want something festive and useful at the same time? This Mini Bell Bubbler from the EDIT Collection is a perfect fit.

It looks like a real Christmas bell, perhaps just a little more entertaining. Do not let the Mini Bell Bubbler's tiny size fool you—its bubbling action combined with the perc inside will give you a mellow but impressive hit. The included quartz banger will ensure that your loved ones enjoy their favorite concentrates the right way.

This crazy bubbler combines the best features of a hand pipe and a water pipe in one dream apparatus. The water cools the smoke while the tiny perc filters the vapor the second time for crystal clearness of the hit. Let everything around shine with new colors!

Ordering this unique appliance, you will receive a box with a 14 mm female ground joint and 14 mm male quartz banger.

Price: $39.99

4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter With Rotary Crank Handle

Remember those music boxes from Hans Christian Andersen's tales? This 4-piece herb grinder from EDIT Collection looks similar, but the sound it creates is something between avant-garde and industrial.

The 4-piece herb grinder is crafted from sturdy anodized aluminum and has a rotary crank handle on top of the lid that offers effortless grinding. The first two compartments act as a multi-level system that grinds the buds into finer pieces, while the bottom compartment is separated by the sifter screen helping to catch pollen or various debris. Herbs fall through the holes onto the stainless steel crystal catcher mesh, allowing you to select the grade you want.

You may put this elegant grinder (its size is just 55 mm) into a jewelry gift box and be sure that your significant other will appreciate such a present.

Price: $39.99

Stonerware Brand Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter

Just imagine that you are presenting this stonerware brand pot leaf cookie cutter to your grandma. We bet even the most conservative one will like it! Actually, anyone who cooks or just likes to have some fun in their kitchen will enjoy this fancy cutter.

Square cookies, round cookies, triangle cookies—how boring it is! Using this pot leaf cutter will give your special batches of goodies a groovy new look. Each pack comes with one green cannabis leaf-shaped plastic cookie cutter and a ton of fun into the bargain.

Price: $9.49

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