Dec 3, 2016 12:00 PM

16-Year Old Madonna’s Son Rocco Ritchie Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Rocco Ritchie, Madonna’s son, has been arrested by the London police for marijuana possession. However, the arrest flew under the radar for almost two months. TMZ has confirmed that 16-year old Rocco was arrested in London for the possession of cannabis on Sept. 28. It was reported that Rocco had incurred the wrath of his neighbors who were quite bothered by what they thought was marijuana use in their upscale neighborhood where the boy lives with Guy Ritchie, his father. According to the report, when the police came, they found the boy and his friend sitting on a wall. They state that the boys immediately threw something out upon seeing the cops, and later they found a small amount of marijuana in his backpack and traces of drug on his clothes.

Rocco Ritchie left his mother, Madonna, almost a year ago to live with Guy Ritchie in London. Madonna objected and claimed Guy was too permissive, and it caused a nasty and complicated court battle between the parents of the boy. Rocco was noticed in London in April hanging with his friends and smoking what appeared to be a weed joint. Rocco has already been sentenced with attending drug ed classes. By the way, Madonna supported her son after he was arrested. She said that she loved her son more than anything and would do whatever she could to give Rocco what he needed. The musician also asked the mass media to respect the family’s privacy during the proceedings. Rocco’s father, Guy Ritchie, is yet to comment his son’s arrest. However, he was noticed to be very stern as he went to Primrose Hill the morning after the breaking news. On Wednesday after the incident, the boy was seen in the local pub with several young people from the local council estate trying to buy alcohol. The man who does not want to be known said that Rocco was a very polite boy, but the problem was about the boys who surrounded him and who were not so polite at all. Rocco does smoke weed, but all young boys do. Rocco goes to a school where wealthy children study, and many of them feel entitled enough to indulge in illegal substances.

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