Oct 27, 2016 12:20 PM

10 Weed Costume Ideas for Halloween Party

Halloween is a great holiday to underline your cannabis-friendly lifestyle. If you are going to visit the annual Halloween ball with your friends, you guys had better think about your stoner Halloween costumes beforehand. Here is a list of stoner costume ideas that will definitely attract people's attention no matter which option you choose.

MMJ Doctor Costume

You can create a very sexy weed costume using the image of an MMJ doctor. You can either opt for a special medical costume for men and women on Amazon or just add green marijuana leaves to a white coat. Wearing a sexy costume like that, you will definitely find someone who wants to become your patient for the Halloween night.

Dabber Costume

Do you know how to create a dabber costume? It is very easy. Just take your old, washed out clothes and color them with yellow, red, and green spray paints. You can also draw a marijuana leaf on your T-shirt so that everyone can recognize your true nature.

Marijuana Leaf

If you are a cannabis grower, the costume of marijuana leaf will clearly indicate your occupation. Find a large sheet of green cardboard and use scissors to cut out a ganja leaf. Make a huge hole for your head and a pair of small ones to attach the leaf with the lashings to your belt. If you do not feel like fussing with the preparations, just order a ready-made costume on Amazon.

Bong Costume

If you are a devoted stoner, this funny idea of a bong costume is just for you! You can order a full-body bong on Amazon or use the materials on hand and your imagination if you have enough time.

Cannabis Activist

To create the image of a marijuana advocate for the Halloween night, you can use any marijuana-promoting outfit you have from the last pro-cannabis parade. You can also take some 70's hippie clothes, fix a sign with a cool catchphrase, and you are ready to have fun!

Cheech and Chong Costumes

Cheech and Chong costumes are a great idea of Halloween outfits for couples. To create the image of the famous Chong, you need a mustache with a beard, a pair of round glasses, and a red bandana. The real Cheech wears a red beanie cap, a mustache, and a yellow cropped shirt with red suspenders. If you have no time for preparations, you can order these costumes on Amazon. You can also look at your old clothes; perhaps, you will find all you need there. And do not forget about a huge weed pipe like in the video below!

Bag of Weed

Think about the size of a weed bag you have always wanted to have. And then make a bag of weed costume to impress everyone on All Hallow's Eve. Use a large clear trash bag and stuff it with grass clippings. People will probably smile looking at you, but just know that what they really want is to smoke at least one bud from your costume.

Zig Zag Man Costume

If you have a great beard, it will cost you nothing to create a Zig Zag man costume. Just take a red toque, your favorite swoop tank, and a sweater of the same color, and you are ready. Bring a pack of Zig Zag’s rolling papers to demonstrate the original if someone does not get your costume. But if you are still beardless, just choose a Zig Zag-themed shirt and make sure you have enough prerolls for your friends.

Weed Brownie

You can easily do this weed Halloween costume at home by using the wrappings from weed edibles you ate. Stick all the wrappings to your brown shirt or your old Brownie sash if you have one! Now you are ready to entertain people at the Halloween party! Have fun!

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