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10 Rules of Smoking Marijuana

Perhaps, every cannabis smoker with even a little bit of experience has their own secrets of smoking marijuana. In his famous 1946 essay, George Orwell composed a list of “eleven outstanding points” for making the perfect cup of tea. A frequent contributor to Vanity Fair and cannabis lover Micah Nathan decided to describe his ten rules of smoking weed for marijuana enthusiasts to enjoy a “perfect bowl of weed.”

As the expansion of marijuana legalization gathers pace, weed is currently having a bit of a cultural moment. And for a good reason—smoking marijuana is much healthier than smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and using other recreational drugs. Certain scientific findings have already shown the surprising effects of weed on the human brain and body, from improving metabolism to killing cancer cells to stimulating creative thinking. Furthermore, it is also much more fun.

Although the author insists on the cogency of all ten rules, you may not completely agree with him and find some of them controversial. Anyway, here is a basic guide to enjoying while exercising your nascent freedoms.

1. Choose Cannabis sativa over Cannabis indica.

When it comes to strains, there are two major types of the plant: sativa and indica. Each major strain of marijuana has its own range of effects resulting in a wide range of benefits. Sativa energizes, uplifts, invigorates, increases focus, and promotes creativity. Its plants are tall, loosely branched, with long, thin leaves and lanky stems. Indica produces a “couch-lock” body high and relaxes muscles. You can recognize indica plants for their short and bushy appearance and wide leaves.

Unless you are looking for symptom relief or suffering insomnia, chose sativa—it is better suited for daytime consumption. If indica is like a sleeping pill, a good sativa is about as stimulating as a strong cup of coffee. Learn the difference.

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid: What Is the Difference Between Types of Marijuana Strains?
Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid: What Is the Difference Between Types of Marijuana Strains?
Marijuana is one of the oldest crops known to mankind. Today, weed is no longer just weed—marijuana strains have developed like wine or cheese.

Also, do not forget about hybrids but choose sativa-heavy ones with at least a split of 70 percent of sativa and 30 percent of indica, such as Haze, Strawberry Cough, or Blue Dream.

2. Smoke strong weed.

Choosing high-THC marijuana strains over weak ones will save your throat and lungs from scorching in the long run. Also, a 1994 study found that high-potency marijuana produced a greater heart rate increase and greater subjective effect than low-potency marijuana.

The stronger the weed is, the less you need to consume to achieve a desirable high. A couple of puffs of Diesel—and you have maximum effects with minimum efforts. There is no greater way to determine the potency of your cannabis than to smoke it.

5 Strongest Marijuana Strains You Can Find at Cannabis Dispensaries
5 Strongest Marijuana Strains You Can Find at Cannabis Dispensaries
If you want to understand how strong a particular cannabis strain is, look at its THC content that defines the potency level. There is usually 10-20% of THC in a strain, and anything above that is considered pretty strong.

3. Use wooden pipes.

First, they will not break. Glass pipes are fragile, even those from thick glass, so if you want one that will serve you a long time, choose the good old wood over glass. Same goes for ceramic tools.

Secondly, wood enhances the flavor of weed. Although some could find the smoke to be too harsh, Micah Nathan thinks that a wooden pipe is good for getting a natural and rich marijuana smoking experience. Such pipes are perfect for smoking earthy strains of marijuana as they add warm tones throughout the inhale. Furthermore, wooden pipes have larger bowls and are easier to clean.

And finally, pipes made from wood are aesthetically pleasing. Unlike glass and ceramic pipes that are mostly decorated with those silly graphics, such as skulls, dragons, and psychedelic drawings (and thus are often overpriced), wooden pipes look elite and elegant. If you want to look like Abraham Lincoln, not like a child licking a lollipop, a wooden pipe is a great option.

Who You Are Is How You Smoke
Who You Are Is How You Smoke
The way you smoke cannabis can tell a lot about you. Every one of us has a preference. You might be surprised, but the way you consume marijuana may be an indicator of your personality. So, let us see what kind of stoner you are.

4. Do not use filters.

Learn to roll the perfect joint—this is a basic and important skill for every stoner, far more important than to name all the presidents.

Rolling a joint takes patience and respect for the craft. One well-made joint may serve a party of five. The perfect joint is made from one sheet of paper, filled with no more than three grams of finely chopped marijuana, does not contain stems and seeds, packed to medium density, and twisted shut, with a stiff tail that provides a wick for lighting. Nathan considers organic fibers and glue rather a luxury than a necessity. He also advises to avoid filters because they remove THC. Though in this case, you should be skillful enough not to swallow the weed and burn your lips and fingers.

5. Bongs are “the sound of unemployment,” forget about them.

6. Chop the weed, do not grind it.

Grinding scours resin off the buds and decreases the potency of weed. Chopping marijuana allows to do a fine cut without the THC loss. So, the finer you cut the buds, the better the THC is released. Furthermore, it helps avoid stems and seeds. Use a sharp kitchen knife or scissors and a glass surface. Training for a chef can pay off in this case.

7. Choose your smoking companion well.

Sharing marijuana when smoking is one of the core principles that are followed in the pot culture. People would more likely offer to share weed with their friends than non-friends. Sharing is a symbolic gesture, a sign of affirmation, a friendship identity between smokers.

The author advises to choose companions with care and avoid excitable novices. Marijuana haze tends to magnify the users' moods and reveal their intentions, so be sure that there are neither sensitive rookies who are prone to panic when impaired nor conflict persons who are easy on the trigger.

8. Overdosing is impossible.

If marijuana makes you feel paranoid, remember that it is impossible to overdose. A warm bath and a cup of juice or sweet dark chocolate will bring you to reality (cannabis is associated with lowering the blood sugar level, so sweet beverages may help). Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Calm down and relax. Getting to a quite place where you feel comfortable is key. Let your thoughts and emotions flow, do not let your mind move too fast.

How Safe Is Recreational Marijuana Use?
How Safe Is Recreational Marijuana Use?
Cannabis is currently more popular in the United States than any other street drug. According to the national surveys, nearly half of Americans tried marijuana at least once in their lives, and more than six percent of high school students admit using it daily.

9. Vaporization offers the ideal experience.

The oldest ways are often the best ways, although there is one exception to the rule—vaporization. Vaping means smoking cannabis or THC oil from a pen or a plug-in device and is considered to be one of the most healthy ways to get high. Vaporizers heat the weed just enough to extract its psychoactive compounds. It means that you do not inhale smoke with any harmful by-products but pure vapor instead.

Proper vaporizing (not hotter than 365 degrees) does not cause a nasty cough, offers minimum residual smell and maximum efficiency, increases flavor, and provides a consumer with a thick, tasty vapor.

Portable vaporizers are preferable over desktop models, though the latter are great for using at home.

4 Reasons Vaporizing Is Better Than Smoking
4 Reasons Vaporizing Is Better Than Smoking
Vaporizers are usually more expensive than bongs or pipes, but there are a lot of reasons why many people decide to switch.

10. Consume edibles with caution.

No matter how delicious your pot brownies are, a too big portion of edibles will make the effect much stronger. Consuming too much cannabis can mean that your initially pleasant evening can turn into a terrible experience. Eat your meal first, and then try an edible. Not vice versa.

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