Dec 2, 2016 12:10 PM

Famous Stand-Up Comedian Ralphie May Expressed His Thoughts on Donald Trump

Ralphie May is a student of history from Chattanooga (now he lives in Nashville) and, at the same time, a popular American stand-up comedian, who is not pleased with the fact that Donald Trump is the new president of America. More than that, the guy is deeply concerned about Trump being America's commander-in-chief. However, there is one thing that makes him quite pleased.

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Now recreational marijuana is legal in several states of America, including California, the former home of May. The American comedian claims that marijuana should be legal nationwide. This way, Americans will pay taxes, and the government will refill the budget. May knows some tobacco growers in Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky—they all cultivate weed and make the best cannabis the world has ever seen.

You can even say that marijuana has been keeping May on the righteous path. May has received enough physical and emotional pain in his lifetime. Although he lost 100 pounds a couple of years ago, he still weighs almost 400 pounds. When May was 16, he got in a terrible car accident that left the boy in a coma with more than 40 broken bones. In 2011, the man had double pneumonia and another terrifying diagnosis—pulmonary embolism. In fact, these diseases together caused PTSD. Last year, May divorced his wife of 10 years, Lahna Turner, also a great comedian, with whom he now shares the custody of their two children.

Nevertheless, Ralphie May insists he is all right both physically and personally. He is not ashamed of agreeing he is a fat middle-aged man, but he is trying to do the best he can. He feels happy at least because he is still performing stand-ups and is still awesome. He does what he loves the most. In his performances, May is not afraid of ticking Trump lovers off. May also claims that with the rise of Trump, America will face the same situation that happened in the South—the Civil War. To the comedian, it was obvious from the start: no matter who won, America would still lose.

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